Strategic Board

Sage Hills church is governed by a strategic board. Strategic board members are nominated by the church, elected by the board, and confirmed by their membership. They serve the church by ensuring three things.

  1. Mission Alignment: The Strategic board reviews Pastor Mike Wilson each year, ensuring the church is staying true to its mission. The board sets guard rails informed by our annual planning process that ensures Sage Hills stays on track with our mission. 
  2. Financial Integrity: The Strategic board reviews monthly financial statements, ensuring we are spending inside our budget and to our annual plan. Every other year, per our bylaws, Sage Hills undergoes a financial review by an outside accounting firm. The results of this review are presented to our board to ensure financial integrity. 
  3. Health of Our Lead Pastor and Family: The Sage Hills strategic board understands deeply the weight and responsibility of leading a local church. To ensure our church is led well, we check in monthly on the health of our leader. Our board chair asks hard questions to our Lead Pastor and, when necessary, his wife with the aim of keeping Mike on his own spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Our strategic board makes sure Pastor Mike is honoring his sabbath, taking time off, and taking a sabbatical once every five years. Our board prays for and with Pastor Mike regularly. 

Sage Hills Church Bylaws