Job Opportunities


Your interest in a staff role at Sage Hills Church is truly appreciated. Here, you'll discover more than just a place for worship; it's also a fantastic workplace. If you're interested in pursuing any of our available positions, please complete the application process provided below and indicate your preferred position. Upon receiving your application, we'll reach out to you. Thank you for considering a role within our staff!


1. Check us out by viewing more of our website and attending a weekend service if you are able. Click here to read our statement of faith.
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Current Openings

Facility Team Member:  This is a 20-hour per week, hourly staff position providing custodial service and light maintenance repair to Sage Hills Church building and property. To ensure that the church facility is kept in excellent condition in the following areas:
•   General building cleaning and upkeep
•    Unlocking and locking duties when scheduled
•    Familiar with the entire facility and the functioning of equipment (includes general knowledge of lighting, heating, air-conditioning, breaker panels, emergency shut-off for electricity and water, etc.)
•    Fill out work orders on any maintenance problems and report them to the Facilities Manager
•    Maintaining tools, cleaning supplies, and other resources in specific areas