Sage Hiils Kids Team

Who is our Sage Hills Kids Team?

We value you and your children so we have created a process to join the Sage Hills Kids Team. All team members are carefully screened and supervised. We are committed to a strong team on-boarding process so they are prepared and your children are safe.
  • All interested applicants will go through a supervised observation of classroom and procedures with an area coordinator
  • All potential team members will fill out a comprehensive Sage Hills Kids team application
  • Every adult applicant will have an extensive criminal history background check through “Protect My Ministry”
  • Personal References are called – we ask for two people who can affirm the applicant’s ability to serve in children’s ministry
  • All who serve in Sage Hills Kids are required to read through our Policy & Procedures manual for Sage Hills Kids. We offer trainings throughout the year and kick-off orientations in the fall.  If team members have not attended an orientation meeting, an area coordinator will schedule a one-on-one meeting to make sure they understand and will work within our guidelines & procedures.
  • We have a strict “Never Alone” policy. Sage Hills Kids Team will adhere to the two team member policy at all times – one team member will never be alone with a child.
  • All team members have been issued a “Sage Hills Kids” t-shirt or Sage Hills Kids “Can I help you?” Badge.  Only those who have gone through this process of on-boarding are issued these.