Relate Strong

Have you ever felt like you keep having the same fight over and over? Do you feel like there’s more pain in your marriage and relationships than peace? There’s good news. Through the Lord, His Word, and a helpful curriculum called RelateStrong we have tools to get you out of the pain cycles and into rhythms of peace, truth, and freedom.
RelateStrong is a 9 week small group that will help you map out cycles of pain and peace in your relationships while also providing practical steps to live in truth and deeper connection with God, others, and yourself. Including the group time are other resources to help with decision making, boundaries, vision casting, and understanding and celebrating differences in personalities, gifts, and strengths.

september 2024

 RelateStrong is held on Monday, Tuesday, or Sunday nights,  from 6:00pm-8:00pm at Sage Hills Church. There is also one group on Sunday mornings.

The cost of RelateStrong is $35/person, which helps to cover printing, supplies, and our celebration service. Click below to get notified when registration open. 


Do you offer scholarships?
We believe that RelateStrong is such a life changing experience and we want everyone to participate! We understand that the RelateStrong registration fee may be a burden for some and we are happy to provide scholarships.
RelateStrong for couples only?
NO! RelateStrong is for all people! It is helpful in both couples’ and individuals’ lives.

Is RelateStrong therapy? 
NO! RelateStrong is a “psycho-educational” tool that is rooted in the Scriptures and contemporary neuro-science. It has been formed from a therapeutic model and formatted into a wonderful curriculum for small groups and seminars.

What can I expect? 
Life change. RelateStrong is a tool that will help you dig deeper into your understanding of your own history and patterns, while also giving you practical steps to move forward into a present and future filled with truth, peace and freedom. The only prerequisite is a heart willing to be changed through vulnerable, honest, and grace-filled steps.

Is there childcare available?
Childcare is available for children 0 yrs. – 5th grade at zero cost for all our groups from 6:00pm-8:00pm that meet on our Sage Hills Church campus.