Current Series

One Another

Jesus had a vision for the church, and it wasn’t to establish a place or a program. He intended that the church would be group of people that would be constantly growing and moving in his love to represent him to the world. Throughout the New Testament, God gave us the keys for how we should live with and relate to each other to glorify him and have real joy. Join us for our next series, One Another, as we explore what it looks like when we are a movement of people living out those “one another” commands in God’s Word.

In The Beginning

When most of us think about the book of genesis our mind goes to the creation of the world. However we will be looking less at how God created the world and more of why he created people and how it relates to the identity of the people of God and what that means to us today.

This series is beginning to building the foundation of where our church is headed in the future!