Life Group Questions

 Main Idea: Speak What God Speaks About You

  1. Name the Shame
  2. Refrain from the Pain Game

  3. Claim the Name

  4. Proclaim the Fame

Talk about it:

Ice Breaker: What is something amazing about you that you don’t normally tell others about?

 Read Ephesians 4:17-5:2

What are aspects of your old life that you are still holding onto? What are aspects of your new life that you have embraced and live in now? How do you feel the Lord calling you to walk in love?

Read Genesis 3:1-7

What would you have done if you were in Adam and Eve’s shoes (or fig leaves)? What are some things that look pleasant to the eye but cause brokenness and shame in your life? What do you try to hide from God with in your life (aka. Name the Shame)?

 Read Genesis 3:8-13

What do you tend to do while you in pain in your life? Blame? Shame? Control? Escape? How can you refrain from your pain game? 

Read Genesis 3:14-24

What is the truth that God speaks over you in Christ Jesus (Claim the Name)? How can you proclaim the fame of Jesus with your life?

Close in Prayer

Challenge for the Week: Each day this week proclaim the attached “Blessing Over the Self” as you start your day. 

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