Life Group Questions


Talk about it:

Ice Breaker: Are you related to someone famous? Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met? (don’t say Jesus) How did you meet them? Describe your interaction

Read and discuss Ruth 3:1-6

How do you see God’s plan for redemption playing out in Ruth and Naomi’s life? What was so risky about what Naomi was asking Ruth to do? What are some things the Lord is calling you to be a little riskier in? Is Ruth’s response surprising to you? How do you respond to an opportunity that requires faith?

Read and discuss Ruth 3:7-9

How do you see Ruth displaying patience in verses 7-8? What is most difficult about patience for you? Where is the Lord currently calling you to be patient? Ruth had to rest at the feet of her kinsman redeemer, how are you at resting at the feet of your redeemer?


Read and discuss Ruth 3:10-18

How does Boaz respond to Ruth’s advance? What is noble about verse 12 and what does this say about Boaz? How do you respond when the Lord’s answer is like Boaz’s when he says “just rest here for a bit” v.13? What is significant about verse 15? The Lord is working out his plan of redeeming Ruth from the identity of a widow to that of a wife, what is the Lord redeeming in you? What dream in your life seems to be lost? How can you participate with Jesus to see that dream restored?

Take some time and pray for one another and Jesus to bring about his redemption in each other’s lives.

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