Being a Servant in the Kingdom of God

Sage Hills places high priority on reaching out to others, both locally and regionally through ministry organizations that meet specific needs locally. Though Sage Hills Church is not officially connected to any of the non-profit Christian ministries listed here, we encourage you to consider them as avenues where you might use your spiritual gifts, passions, and resources to bless others as Jesus commanded:

“When you fed the hungry, clothed the naked, gave a drink to the thirsty, showed hospitality to the stranger and visited the sick or the prisoner, you were doing it to me.”

Global Emphasis

Sage Hills Church financially supports missionaries globally and have commissioned short term mission teams. Our current primary global mission focus is Burundi and Nigeria.


Sister Connection

Burundi, Africa

We have teamed up with Sister Connection to bring Jesus's Isaiah 58 Message to the widows and orphans in Burundi. In just under six years Sage Hills has built 504 houses for Burundi widows at the rate of $600/house. This means that Sage Hills has donated just over $300,000 to provide a dry, safe little house for 504 widows and their children. THIS IS REMARKABLE. Due to rising costs, the cost for a house has risen to $650.


Burundi, Africa

In conjunction with Sister Connection, Sage Hills totally funded the micro-loan fund with an initial gift of $25,000. We hope to be adding to it in 2017, due to the fact that more than 200 widows have been trained and actively taking loans for their business endeavors. Their pay back rate is about 98% (a remarkable record). Our own Craig Reese wrote the training curriculum. Sage Hills also funds the salary and expenses of the national trainer/overseer for these endeavors

Mt. Hope

Burundi, Africa

The Governor of Gitega Province, who was an orphan himself, donated 20 acres on a large 200 foot hill to Sister Connection, which ministers to widows and their children. The purpose is for it to be a training center. From 2012 – 2016, the following has been accomplished: A natural spring has been tapped via a storage system and distribution system to serve all the training facilities: 1. a small dormitory for widows in training; 2. a house for the site supervisor; 3. A solar power system with backup generator; 4. a small barn for animals and animal husbandry. All these have been added to the House of Joy, the large worship, dining and training center that was built earlier. Craig Reese has led these projects and has utilized the skills of 6-8 different men from Sage Hills who’ve gone on various work teams.