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Evan & Britny McCormick

Website: www.facebook.com/groups/197454590378466/

Evan & Britny are currently fundraising for their move to Gulu, Uganda in East Africa January 2017

As missionaries supported by WFMC, Evan & Britny are currently in the fundraising and research phase for their move to Gulu, Uganda in East Africa January 2017. They will be there for at least 1 year to serve with Our Call Missions and Christ the Center Ministry raising up children with a biblical world view through education and discipleship.
Our Call Missions is currently piloting Village Learning Centers in two remote villages in northern Uganda. The teachers are trained to use the village surroundings to teach the children in reading, writing, and math while instilling Christ-like values. The hope is to change the next generation in the village by teaching problem solving skills as well as discipling the children in the love of Christ. Specifically, Evan and Britny will assist in training teachers in assessing their students, teach hands-on learning techniques, and help families to develop new agricultural and income-generating techniques.
Christ the Center Ministry (CTCM) meets a large need in the community of Gulu by providing a quality, Christ-centered education that is affordable for all children. It will be a place where children feel loved and accepted and are encouraged to fulfill their destinies by discovering who God has created them to be. At this time, specific tasks are unknown; however, God has placed CTCM in their lives for a reason. Their hearts are drawn to the children in this ministry and they hope to see it flourish.

These are our happy faces because our one time, initial moving costs have been covered! Whoo hoo! 

Our estimated monthly budget for living in Gulu is $2,500. 

So far our lovely friends and family have helped us reach 21.2% of our monthly budget!! 

We would LOVE if you would partner with us to increase that to 50% by the end of October and 100% by the end of the year! 

While we were camping last weekend we got to talk about how overwhelming, humbling, and amazing this process has been! Even though fundraising can be intimidating, it is so neat to experience God's faithfulness and the body of Christ supporting us in such a tangible way. 

If you'd like to partner financially with us please go to www.sagehillschurch.com/give 

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Craig Reese

Sister Connection

Website: www.sisterconnection.org

Craig Reese is the President of Sister Connection, and has been active with the organization since 2011.  Through the development of programs such as monthly sponsorship, home construction, microfinance and vocational training, Sister Connection strives to establish meaningful pathways that enable the widows and orphans to live more self-sufficient lives with a Christ-centered focus. Sister Connection seeks to restore dignity and hope to widows. Craig is a member of Sage Hills, a former teacher and business owner, who has felt the call of God on his heart to lead this ministry.


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Delia Nuesch-Olver

Latin America

Website: www.latinamericaarea.com
Facebook: Delia-Nüesch-Olver-157602596960

Dr. Delia Nüesch-Olver serves as Area Director for Latin America, overseeing the Free Methodist Church in 15 countries. She coaches and supervises North American missionaries and the national leaders to fuel and sustain an apostolic movement to reach Latin Americans for Christ, with priority on empowering leaders, church planting in strategic cities and developing sustainable systems. Dr. Paul Olver (Delia’s husband) has served part time as a Free Methodist missionary to Latin America, while also serving as lead pastor of Rainier Avenue Church in Seattle, WA. Currently Paul serves in full time ministry in Latin America, working to develop a team and a system to multiply leaders and prepare people for ordination.


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Tim & Muriel Teusink



With the support of WFMC, & are currently in Orange, France working on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness, medical ethics for Christian hospitals and medical schools, and translating library training materials into French.


  • Attended a continuing medical education conference in Greece (April 2016)
  • 2-weeks of intensive French at a French language school for training (May 2016)
  • Tim traveled to Kenya for SIM medical meetings (June 2016)
  • Working on French presentations of course materials and building relationships in Orange, France (I'm working on putting "library worker" training materials into French.)
  • Prayer request: Tim’s trip to Ethiopia for an Orthodox consultation conference and teaching at Myungsung Medical school
  • Prayer request: Muriel’s October trip to Canada to visit her 95 year old mother
  • Prayer request: For son’s (Jonathan) health in the extremely polluted city in which he works (Teaches English as a Foreign Language at a Chinese English language school in Harbin, China. This is a hardship posting.)
  • Praises: smooth transition to location near SIM office in France was excellent (including furniture and a used car)
  • Praises: Daughter’s (Bekah) promotion to Principal for Middle School at Chengdu International School (Chengdu International School, a morals based school in Chengdu, China. This organization has a good support system for its people.) 
TIM with Students

Kabarak University (Kenya) Family Medicine Residents who completed an intensive module in medical ethics in Nov 2016.

TIM with Students: Kabarak University (Kenya) Family Medicine Residents who completed an intensive module in medical ethics in Nov 2016.




Profile image of Eric & Casey Zimmerman

Eric & Casey Zimmerman

Papua New Guinea

Website: ethnos360.org

The Zimmerman’s are currently in PNG for a four year assignment. Eric is a pilot and mechanic in PNG through Ethnos360/New Tribes Mission.


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Kevin Austin

Set Free

Website: www.notforsalecampaign.org

Kevin is an FM missionary working domestically and globally to end modern-day slavery through the Set Free Movement. The Free Methodist Church, with roots in the 19th century abolitionist movement, is again championing the cause of holistic freedom. Then, as now, Free Methodists have a special preference for the poor and those who are vulnerable to injustice. Kevin and his family served for seven years as missionaries with the FMC in Thailand.


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Benny Yu

Website: www.elpozodevida.org.mx/

I believe that we are in the midst of addressing the greatest human rights tragedy of our generation.

Initially, after learning that there were more than 27 million modern day slaves in our world today, of whom 7-8 million are child sex-slaves, I was enraged and opted to pursue vigilante type of rescues as a means to fight against this injustice.  As I became more familiar with the raids and rescue process, it became  evident that there were no safe homes or facilities for victims to go once they were rescued.  Hence, the vision of El Pozo de Vida, A.C. was born.

I realized that the initial work of rescues was difficult, but more significant would be the process after the rescue, the restoration and rehabilitation of the victims.  Our EPDV home and programs we have developed are in response to a commitment to provide holistic transformation for these vicitms.

I know we cannot do this alone.  Even with our collaboration with government agencies and other rescue homes (which we are one of maybe three here in Mexico City), we are only in the initial stages of addressing this global issue.  The gross reality is, human trafficking exists on a global scale, but together, we can create a global freedom revolution and a global abolitionist movement to end modern day slavery.  Will you join us to do your part?

Profile image of Eric & Virginia Spangler

Eric & Virginia Spangler

Website: spanglers4asia.info/

As the Asia Area Director since June 2014, Eric oversees the missionary team in Asia; partners with Asian national leaders to build and support strategies that will grow the church; and works to more purposefully connect FMC-Asia with the FMC-USA, building partnerships and connections that will be mutually beneficial. Although they travel in Asia several months each year, home base for the Spanglers is in the Seattle area to better facilitate an alliance between the church in Asia and the U.S. Helping to manage the home office and traveling, Virginia offers support and care to Asia ministries and missionaries.

Profile image of Dave & Gina  Strobel

Dave & Gina Strobel

Website: thejourneychurch.ca

Dave Strobel, along with his wife Gina, and two daughters, is the lead pastor of The Journey Church in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

 The church is located in the greater Toronto area, part of a post Christian, culturally

diverse and growing society.  Services began in September of 2015 with the mission to expand the kingdom of God.  They seek to grow the church through conversion and discipleship as well as expand throughout the greater metro area with new church plants.

 "Our goal at the Journey Church is actually very simple. “We are a Church for people who don’t go to Church.” This really means two things. First, we desire to be a place where individuals or families can come and explore the Bible and discover who Jesus Christ truly is and what He can mean for your life in a safe non-threatening environment. Secondly, we believe that when we place our trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior that Christians do not simply GO to Church, but we ARE the Church 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week! This means that we should make a tangible impact on the people around us on a daily basis."

Service Times & Directions

Our service times are 9:00 and 10:45 on Sunday morning.  Come early, have some coffee and get to know us!

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