Church Membership

To be a member of Sage Hills Church is about committing to partner (your gifts, talents, resources, etc.) with the work that God is doing though other believers gathered at Sage Hills Church.

We encourage people to become partners because we believe it is important to make a commitment to community. Centuries ago, even monks had a tendency to jump ship when life in the monastery became difficult. Rather than work to solve problems they were inclined to move to another community.

Eventually, many monastic communities called their people to take a Vow of Stability, saying in effect: “I will not easily leave.” When people commit to become a Member/Partner of Sage Hills Church, they are in essence saying, “I will not easily leave.

You might ask, “What is in it for me?

While there are personal benefits, our primary reason for encouraging Partnership is to be in a community context where we can be transformed into the image of Jesus. We believe a community of Christ-followers is the most effective means to making a difference in our world for the Kingdom of God.

If you are interested in exploring membership at Sage Hills Church or want to know more about it please contact Cindy Franza (509-662-1502 or ) to register.