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Life During Grief

Varies, Varies

Life During Grief Workshop: Meets every Tuesday from February 5th - March 26th, 2019 from 6:00 - 7:30 PM at the church in the Starting Point House (building on NW corner of church property). Cost: $20.00 Have you suffered a significant loss? Are you having difficulty resolving your grief? "Grieving is as natural as saying ouch and crying when you are hurt, sleeping when you are tired, eating when you are hungry, or sneezing when your nose itches. Grief is a journey that is taken a step at a time. Each participant will receive a notebook with a variety of "tips for the journey". Ample opportunity is given for small group discussion and reflection. Together we discover how to live during our grief in a healthy way. Each topic presented will be viewed through the lens of the Bible and Christian principles. About the group facilitator: Bob Brown has experienced his own deep personal loss and will lead this 8-wk series in a workshop format that gives permission for personal stories to be shared. Call 662-1502 or email

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Life Group Ahrens

Monday, Evening | Henry Building Cashmere,

Life group meets in Cashmere at the HENRY BUILDING on the second and fourth Tuesday

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Life Group Harbour - Women's

Monday, Morning

This is a Monday morning Women's gathering/small group (10 am to 12 pm, in the Multi-purpose Room). Starting January 14th, the group will be studying 1 & 2 Peter. We use the text and other Bible resources, no "study guide" so you can join at any time. We study line-by-line, moving slowly through each chapter in order to not miss important truths and challenges. What is it? A group for the curious -- When the Son of God came to earth and said, "follow Me," how do we do that? A group for fellowship and prayer -- each week we pray for the needs of the group and serve and care for those in the group and those they love.

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Life Group Herzer

Wednesday, Evening

Finishing up a study on the book of Romans (using a commentary by Lynn Cohick) and planning on reading "Love Does" together this fall. Volunteer regularly at the Lighthouse.

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